Top Trends of Recruiting Process in 2023

Before revealing the best resume format to use in 2023, it is critical to comprehend and be aware of how trends in hiring practices have evolved. It has become critical to keep up with the sophisticated technologies that recruiters use today to shortlist applicants. 

To assure exposure to potential recruiters and being shortlisted for the dream job in 2023, resumes must be designed intelligently enough to meet this advancement in the recruiting procedures.

Here are some trends that may shape the recruiting process in 2023:


  • Increased use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation: Companies are likely to increasingly use AI-driven recruiting tools to automate time-consuming tasks such as resume screening, scheduling interviews, and providing feedback to candidates.
  • Virtual and remote recruitment: With the rise of remote work, more companies will likely adopt virtual and remote recruiting strategies, such as virtual interviews, video resumes, and remote onboarding.
  • Greater emphasis on diversity and inclusion: Companies are likely to place a greater emphasis on diversity and inclusion in the recruiting process, with a focus on recruiting candidates from underrepresented groups and creating a more inclusive work environment.
  • Emphasis on soft skills: Companies will increasingly look for candidates with strong soft skills, such as emotional intelligence, problem-solving, and communication skills, as well as technical skills.
  • Social Media Based Recruitment: Companies will increasingly use social media platforms to reach and engage with potential candidates, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.
  • Emphasis on employee experience: Companies will focus on creating a positive employee experience throughout the recruiting process. This includes providing clear and transparent communication, reducing wait times, and providing a seamless application process.
  • Gamification of the recruitment process: Companies will increasingly use Gamification techniques, such as quizzes, puzzles, and simulations, to assess candidates’ skills and fit with the company culture.
  • Employee Referral: The employee referral program will be more emphasized. Companies will put more focus on the employee referral program to attract the best talent, as employee referrals have been found to have a higher success rate and are more likely to stay longer with the company.

The recruiting process in 2023 is expected to be more efficient, more inclusive, and more focused on creating a positive candidate experience.

Things To Consider While Formatting a

Best Resume In 2023

Given the aforementioned employment trends in 2023, it is essential to design a technology-friendly resume. To make the resume more effective and engaging, it would be fantastic to employ a creative and futuristic format that incorporates the newest trends and technologies. A smart and futuristic resume is made to stand out from traditional resumes and give a comprehensive overview of the candidate’s qualifications, experience, and skills without looking too lengthy. Smart, futuristic resumes usually exhibit the qualities listed below:


Clean, modern design: A simple and clean layout that is easy to read and highlights the most relevant qualifications and experiences.

Use of keywords and phrases: Optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) by including relevant keywords and phrases that match the job description.

Multimedia elements: Incorporating multimedia elements such as videos, images, or Infographic to make the resume more engaging and interactive.

Online platforms: Utilizing online platforms such as LinkedIn, GitHub, or Behance to showcase skills and work samples.

Tailored Resume: Tailored to the job being applied for, using the same language as the company and highlighting relevant qualifications and experiences.

Highlighting soft skills: Highlighting soft skills such as emotional intelligence, problem-solving, and communication skills, in addition to technical skills.

Use of data and metrics: Quantifying accomplishments with data and metrics, such as the number of sales closed, amount of money saved, or a number of people managed.

Showcasing achievements: Including awards, publications, or other notable accomplishments.

Emphasize diversity: Highlighting diversity and inclusion experience, if any, and how the candidate can bring diversity to the company.

Simplicity: Keeping the resume concise, clear, and simple, avoiding the use of jargon or technical terms.

A smart and futuristic resume is designed to stand out, showcase the candidate’s qualifications, and increase the chances of getting the job.

Best Format and Design of Resume In 2023

The fundamental structure of a resume will not change in 2023, but the format you choose will depend on your situation and the position you are looking for. Whatever format is chosen, it’s crucial to include the important components of 2023. The Three Most Popular Formats, which must be modified after selection to meet this year’s hiring criteria, are as follows:

Reverse-chronological format: This is the most commonly used resume format, and it is characterized by listing your work experience in reverse chronological order, with the most recent job first. This format is best for those with a steady work history and for those who are looking to stay in the same field.

Functional format: This format is best for those who have gaps in their work history or who are looking to change careers. It emphasizes skills and qualifications over work history and is organized by skill set or function.

Combination format: This format combines elements of the reverse-chronological and functional formats. It includes a summary of qualifications and a list of skills, followed by a reverse chronological list of work experience.

Once a format depending on the position being applied for is chosen, the following modifications must be made to create the best resume format for 2023. The following are the components that need to be included in a conventional resume to make it stand out:

Tailor The Resume: In 2023, it is of utmost importance to tailor your resume to a specific job or industry one is applying for. It highlights relevant skills and experiences and is often used by those who are looking to change careers or are open for new opportunities.

Use Infographics: Utilization of graphic design components to graphically show information and improve resume engagement, such as icons, charts, and timelines. It has become quite popular in 2023 since it demonstrates your creativity to the employer and helps you simplify difficult material into comprehensible graphics.

Mention Video Link: Video resumes have become increasingly popular in recent years and are expected to become even more prevalent in 2023. A video resume is a short video that you post on your LinkedIn or other platforms, it’s like an introduction to the employer, and you can talk about your qualifications and work experiences. Mention the link of the video resume on your traditional resume so that hiring manager could get a chance to see your online presence while knowing more about you.

Optimize The Resume For Ats: Making a resume searchable is crucial to improving the likelihood that it will be chosen by applicant tracking systems (ATS) and be seen by a real hiring manager. By including pertinent keywords and phrases throughout your resume, you may improve it for ATS.

Mention Portfolio Link: Mentioning a portfolio link on your resume can be a great way to showcase your work and qualifications in a more detailed and interactive way. A portfolio is a collection of your work samples, testimonials, certifications, and other achievements that demonstrate your skills and qualifications.


To personalize your resume to the particular job and organization you are applying to, it is a good idea to blend a few various forms, such as a text-based version and a more aesthetically pleasing one. No matter the format you decide on, keep in mind that your resume should be simple to read, pertinent to the position you are applying for, and showcase your most noteworthy accomplishments and qualifications in the simplest way possible. Additionally, with the rise of technology in the recruiting process, be sure to optimize your internet presence and make your Resume searchable by optimizing it using the relevant keywords and phrases.