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Have you ever been on the cold end of a recruitment process? Do you never get a response back from recruiters even though you have all the necessary skills and qualifications required for that job? Do you often feel like people who are less qualified than you get better jobs? Well, the problem might be in your resume. Writing down your skills, qualifications, education, and work experience on a piece of paper and then sending it to a recruiter will get you nowhere. You need a professional resume that can do the talking for you, that can show the recruiter what you can bring to their company, and reflect why you will be a perfect fit for the job. AnchorResume can provide you with trusted resume help near you by offering top quality resume writing services near you.

Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid

People often make the grave mistake of using the same old resume to apply for all the job positions and they do not realize that a resume is supposed to be tailored to their target job. Imagine the job description you have read about the job you are interested in being a question, and the resume you apply with is your answer to that question which will help the recruiter decide whether they want to hire you or not. This is how important a resume is; it is the most integral part of your recruitment process. You need to customize your resume each time you apply for a different job to make it seem more relevant and suitable. Each word in your resume must be thoughtout carefully so that the overall resume becomes a masterpiece.

What is a professional resume?

So, what exactly is a professional resume and how is it different from a regular one? Well, here are some of the biggest and most valuable qualities of a professional resume:

ATS Optimized Resume

  • A professional resume is ATS-optimized which means that it will not only help you beat the human recruitment systems but also the bots that may stand in your way of getting your dream job. ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a type of software that companies use to assess their candidates better. An ATS works by analyzing your resume in depth and comparing it to the requirements given in the job description. Professional resumes are written in a way that they are ranked high on an ATS and this ultimately helps a candidate in getting hired.

Industry Knowledge and Keywords

  • Professional resumes are filled with industry-specific keywords and any technical terms that reflect your knowledge about that particular industry whilst being simple and easy to understand for the recruiter. After all, if you are applying for a job as a nurse and do not know the meaning of “code blue”, why will the recruiter hire you? This is why your resume needs to portray that you have prior experience and knowledge in whatever field or job you are applying to. A professional resume helps you accomplish this by using keywords to impress recruiters and get the job done.
  • A professional resume is based on quantifiable data and figurative information rather than just power words. Recruiters are experts at what they do and they know that words are just that; words. However, when you use figures and data to explain your achievements, a recruiter can see that it’s all real and your accomplishments become verified. A professional resume includes all the quantifiable data rather than just over-the-top adjectives and praises which not only makes it appear more powerful but also really professional.
  • Professional resumes are made with utmost attention which ensures that there are no mistakes or errors in them because, despite the popular belief that a few mistakes in a resume don’t hurt anybody, they can do significant damage. Mistakes like grammatical errors or wrong spellings will make you come across as lazy and undedicated and you do not want the recruiter to develop such a negative impression about you.

Tailored Content Is Important

  • They are tailored to fit the requirements of your targeted job. A professional resume will display all the skills and qualifications that you possess in a way that they appear most relevant and befitted to the requirements that the recruiter is searching for in their desired candidate.
  • Writing down your previous work experience is not enough; a recruiter needs to know what tasks you used to do and what responsibilities you had. After all, just writing down that you are a “Cyber Security Expert’ will not convince the recruiter more than writing down all the tasks that you accomplished and the key achievements you made at your previous job. Achievements show how well-versed and expert you are at your job and this is why you should let your achievements do the talking for you.

Hire a Professional Resume Writer Near You!

Do you know a recruiter approximately spends 7 seconds looking at your resume before making the decision to hire you or put your resume through a shredder? This means you get just these few seconds to catch the attention of the recruiter and make them see why they need to choose you. Professional resumes are pretty concise and brief which helps them evidently present all the necessary information about you like your skills, key achievements, and experiences in just a few sentences that are easily visible to the recruiter.

Keeping in mind all this information, creating an effective resume is no easy task as it requires experience and utmost attention which a lot of people might not have the time for. So, why not trust people who are professional at resume writing and have years of experience in it? Professional resume writers help turn your regular resume into a masterpiece that not only gets the attention of the recruiter by displaying you as the fit candidate but also helps you get hired. From selecting the right template for your resume to choosing the most appropriate format for it based on your requirements, professional resume writers have all the knowledge and proficiency to make a resume that a recruiter just cannot turn a blind eye to.  

AnchorResume is a platform that has been providing top-notch professional resume writing services near you for years and we have helped thousands of our clients land the job of their dreams. Our certified resume writers know the latest trends in the job markets across all the US states which helps us provide the best services all over the country. No matter if you are looking for professional resume writing services in Colorado or professional resume writing services in Arizona, ordering a professional resume from AnchorResume is the way to go!

AnchorResume believes in helping individuals from dynamic industries land their dream jobs by providing interview-winning product made by our team of expert resume writers.

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