5 Steps to Create a Better LinkedIn Profile

A lot of people do not understand the power of “selling themselves”. We have all worked on creating brand images or marketing a product so that customers buy it but how often do we market ourselves? One of the most important things in today’s job market is to build yourself up as a brand. Branding is in the corporate world, whether you are doing it for a company or for yourself. This is where LinkedIn comes in; the most significant platform when it comes to self-branding.

Almost all of us have a LinkedIn account but we have just made a profile randomly and have never gone back to update them properly or as often as we should have. But do you know how many opportunities you are missing out on because of not having an updated and optimized LinkedIn Profile? According to a recent study, more than 67% of recruiters go through your LinkedIn profile before they extend you an interview invite. This is because a LinkedIn profile tells a lot about you; it works as an online resume.

Recruiters may view your LinkedIn account to verify the information that you have provided in your resume. Maintaining your LinkedIn profile properly and using it to your advantage can do wonders for you. A lot of the professional resume writing services in Colorado offer professional LinkedIn optimization where a professional goes through your profile and optimizes it to fit your skills. An optimized LinkedIn profile makes you stand out among the crowd. Here are the 5 most basic steps you can follow to make your LinkedIn profile better.

LinkedIn Profile Picture

Just like Facebook or Instagram, the first thing a person sees when they visit your profile is your profile picture. A recruiter can often judge you based on that picture alone. Using selfies as a LinkedIn profile picture is a BIG NO and you have to go with a more professional approach. A snappy picture that makes you look like you do in real life, or should we say, the one that does not contain filters. The picture should also be recent and not from years ago when you had longer or shorter hair or were in your teens. Make you’re the picture has your full face as well as half of your body. If you do not have any such picture, just dress up a little formally and call up your photographer friend and get the right picture. A professional picture will prove to the recruiters that you mean business.

Also, make sure you upload a cover photo as well but it should be the one that compliments your profile picture and does not take away the attention from it.


Profile Headline

Your profile headline differentiates you from the other candidates so keep it something unique yet simple. Avoid using lengthy sentences and keep the tone formal and straightforward. This is the line right under your picture and the first line the recruiter will see so use it to impress. For example, “Saving companies time and money by automated financial reports”. An appealing and captivating headline should not be about where you work and it is best to not put your exact job title or the company name. Use any headline that is simple yet attractive but does not go overboard by using overused words.


Skill Assessment

Adding verified skill badges to your relevant skills can significantly enhance the value of your profile. According to a study, candidates with verified skills are 30% more likely to be hired by companies. These skills assessments verify and validate the skills you claim to have, thereby making them highly valuable to recruiters. Simply listing skills without any proof of proficiency is insufficient.

Profile Summary

Crafting a compelling profile summary is an opportunity to showcase your story, skills, experiences, and career objectives to potential recruiters. Unfortunately, many people overlook this critical section. To ensure your summary resonates with your audience, invest time and effort in creating a tailored summary that captures your unique qualities. Seek feedback from a few trusted individuals to improve the quality of your summary. This section is an opportunity to establish a deeper connection with recruiters, so don’t shy away from highlighting your accomplishments and making them informative, engaging, and relevant to your area of interest.


Maintaining connections with professionals in your industry is vital for staying updated on corporate developments. Connecting with colleagues and employers on LinkedIn is an effective way to grow your network. By syncing your email address book, LinkedIn suggests potential contacts, giving you complete control over whom to add. Following relevant industry influencers is another effective strategy for curating an interesting feed. Sharing such content adds a personal touch to your profile and demonstrates your passion for the industry.

You have the liberty to take assessments multiple times and can choose to display the results only when you pass. While optimizing your LinkedIn profile requires effort, it is well worth it. If you desire to go above and beyond, you can order a Professional LinkedIn Optimization Service where the professional will ensure you have a great profile with no errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation, as they reflect poorly on you. Consistently updating your LinkedIn profile and actively sharing relevant content can work wonders in garnering positive responses.